Monday, June 30, 2014

an omphalos for the lacrimal animal

the monument had been deliberately constructed
as a metaphor of the poem which contained it

and inside its bewildering walls the poem was displayed
in a series of pages or plaques

plagues which calmed the air
as pan an explosion and building the cool medium center

a fountain sustaining a column of water 1 kilometer high
which could be seen in the numerous galleries

their hull poems slanted their whole room stare cased
the monument was a stylized star crashed to ground

to found a wreckage of unearthly wholly logical beauty
to stand in the empty naos of poem and monument

and to gaze at last at this rising diagonal interior
the vertigo of the fallen towers frozen

and stair to stair go up the tip a tongue or balcony
and to gaze back down the form on its outside

to the roiling sphere where the bolt of water
must inevitably rise and sustain itself for some moment

fountain for day clock and night for the pilgrim
who takes to cocoon in ritual wrapped by acolyte

and loaded aboard the floating robotic balloon snakes
which pass through the halls of night

while the acolytes build the breakfast
great globular lattice scaffoldings covered in fruit

which the monkeys bring to the snaking tables
which follow the curvature of the earth

into the long and forking base rooms
cool and tiled revealing only prologues
and the warm round holes to the root tunnels
bell woe.
fishy phoenix.

or appendices or epigraphs
afterwards or indices

and the root halls are warm
but the galleries above less so
statuary poem
a coma statue
pink sleep meat storage

and only the plaques give warmth
their hot metallic surfaces radiant

the pilgirms are themselves the acolytes
the poem and the substance of the monument

contained within the fallen star
its pantheorhetorical curvafice

every inner surface may be
filled with the horror of vacuum

or the opposite narratives
pictures of punished libertines

or murderous statues
ghosts like tears

behind the laughing hands
of every translation

yorick now a froth of cubes
made of a glass veined with verism

that monkey sileni hiding in venus' tresses
a pagliacci whose courtesy describes

a mouchoir de nuages
a gas heart a bearded heart

a bizarre heart whose monument
poem or gaze begins

with a lens
set spinning within the invisible

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