Monday, June 16, 2014


A child with a lock of hair
falling behind her head
dressed in a red cloak floating
annoys a dog and a rooster

I cooked a big Silenus
with pointed ears and flattened chest
and hairy legs and shod only in boots

These lands strongly effect the nose
when one marches towards the left

The 11 held with both hands
signals a child crowned with ivy
clad in a camisole and wearing
the child is a Silenus who
places it on the shoulder

The Silenus holds the right hand
of the child in his right hand
and his left leg in his left hand

A panther appears behind an inscription
sitting quietly on a vertical line
and traces of colored chairs
are painted in its mouth
surrounded by a dark red beard
hung lovingly with loose pink shoes
a very nice style full of vigor and elegance

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