Wednesday, June 18, 2014

granny ducking stool dugong smoking a translucent obsidian dudeen


imprecise and willfully obscure
the worldings' movement
as if for a language for as if
the worlds' not worldings'
imprecision would willfully 
obscure this hermetically
sealed opening of the field
whose expansive gesture
no one knew, noon new,
its moist keeling overhaul
the trootlings' languish
and barrel the vowell
with a foolscop, poet
thy being in law, thy
mouth for bud-lipped ruling,
when nectar from the chin
arc statuary ache
all around the nimbling
numbus nimned led lodestone.

give a god
a poem
for a head like doggy balls
instills the capital
prism barge
on a jelly river

i brought you the white out madam

if only clay moved
its demotic and alien hypnotism the way yudu
clone somatic letter junction affect x

weed awl bee saunter off
with weel welded whole

a violet ray

the pages I throw away
are like ads for Hans Bellmerdre

war bells so huge
Jock Kerouace
must possess Joey Heathertone
possessed by the toilet
possessed by Anne Margarewt

each dew drop
by lysergenic

no happy donkey!
no coffee and cream!
all of history is become
pixels to a ray gun!

I'm sure you won't mind
if I burgeon and swarm,
and swarm and burgeon,

no mind
nemo dew

 this is my special
fire crown

for the reader
like a gliding soul
by pictures

for the reader 
like an ex-ray
fell soully
to color
the cutaways

leaving the piano once and for all
the heavy vibrating marble statue
attempting to follow

and roll off on the floor barking
its dinner broken
for all the arrangements
a changeabulletty

start simple
with something like
the color red gets loose all over
blood money
grey flannel
the secret history of the drug war
alive in painting the oscars
my eye tongue
coin eye
ending forward moan
the french connection

how sweet
how delicate
the double darkness

great white tubs of marble
great white flour sacks
to smuggle
gold coins
to whorehells

bisque candy

your whole arms
up inside
albino boas

risking everything
on paper

the letters are all held on
with static electricity

now that you know old men
are garden statues
through windows

and into the loving arms
of poor bear slippers

so that's how they joined our movement


post-islamic hamburgler weavers
for magazine rack design

dunk the bunny
in the garden over and over
just like granny said

Ulysses and Penelope
in a brown leaf

It's too late for order.
If I were not Dionysius,
I would certainly be
the Amish James Dean Martin Heiddegger.

When the world turned upside down
becomes the oracular tripod
for an absense
of blankness

was the easiest ideology

it prefurred
the ludic
the grigorious

our bladder money
is without end

no gesture meel

I'm starving the timeline of events again.
surely one hand clapping
can end all

capitalism + communism = commputalism

can you bring me the white outs?

noise = chaos.
this phrase, so serene,
and well constructed
is like a black pyramid.

in a happy park.

no parking.

this is how you make a poem.

a swarm of kites
will lift you
to an altar in the rock
and there you will find a bust of ham
and lay your fungal hand
upon its brow

to make a spotted dick

these sanguine shapes are gliding
in the violence of hope, and force

still planning that rubdown I hope.

Charles the First!
in a tin can!

Eggs in a tincan radio!

this is how you make a spotted dick

dunk the bunny
in the garden over and over
just like granny said

now harpy is scared

still studying yesterday

its mystic gifts
still need the white out dear
deaf statues
of commputalism

you are smoking the vestigial off again?
granny compute it?

Do you think a butler needs a bowler?

I am the shadow stalks
inside of you.

dunk your bunny in the garden
over and over.

granny ducking stool dugong
smoking a translucent

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