Thursday, November 13, 2014

coffin greatnose

in this orange bill
shaped room (rune)
I coughed all day
the sharp angular walls of silence
such reward for heavy
burgled feet
but through the porthole

a boxed set
of superb lyre bird
and ocean fog
filtering through thee
improbably forest
for awl

wild lined detention
among the flowering cascades
of baroquely folding
cultural morphologies

the best critics faces
lit in pale green
from a light at 45 degrees
the pale blue snow beyond
and scholar's kale
floating o'er
the skull patella

lift your hearts
lift your minds
to these
obscure and dusty dioramas
carved from black wax
deep crimson wax
and installed
near the upper corners
of the rune (room)

the crown is molding
but let its antique verdigris remain
for what is most interesting here
is conservation

ontonegentrophic remains
the telephone vase
whose laser witch lace fringe
stretches to the ceiling

Donald Sutherland
whose debut role(s)
were both
young policeman
old witch

custard airy
bevvy rage

knot content

coffin greatnose
all things being equal

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