Monday, November 17, 2014

The Sloth as Cosmological Symbol

"Breton, (...) looking like a blue bear in his velvety jacket." -Claude Levi-Strauss

and will they travel only
so far (捩湯椮潣敲㵬椧潣)
into the negative domains
no question put so
ever fleetingly stopped
could quell the quill
which writ of gorksnak
poetry conjoined with music
medusa refined by beauty
the story of travel only
so far beyond the mirror's edge
alice's head only
in a top hat with rabbit ears
to see or hear at all
is music
beauty with its full dread accompaniment
the knut hamsun of jack's groaning beans

i give to you the beyond
of determination
as layers of abundance
puzzled out in perilous
and weird form
hyphens like two-headed toes
polar thumb with a single joint
a V beyond all glory sought
to please
its thing so silly as to be
beyond a particolored rapping
that know should snake its cheese like brain

for what is soft like luminous cream
and falls between the times
of the forking comb of rhymes
to lay still squirming
in the din of mystery
or mead oval

a bird is a jack
and its leaf winking eye
would ink the crab hole up
to the brim

a sphere
will pearl the thread
of the shifting minute's grace
its scar a face
and gas like fame
return to el
the elastic frame
which ricochets
from the bounce
a prodigy:

snap, tear, twist with hands
this soup sign sun which fibs
against the pounding of a hammer
eponymous gutter pollution:
both (sloth) see soup (super).

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