Thursday, February 19, 2015

Better Never to Have Been Modern


Well, Bob's your uncle then,

and by the look of things

a black column of granite

launches high into the Himalayas

and will arc perfectly to site

and take hole

passing deep into the ground

its inlaid bright iron calligraphy

being read by the magnets

that film the circumulouse*

brokaine&well (wot)

Bob's your brother then,

ivory grilles surround

the trembling gelatin roses

whose blooms are viral mites

mimicking a network

for their communication
gives not a world, but

a world of taking worlds"


time paradox is no logic

mandala mahalo pussywillow pip

will a stone wheel
fit the cover the cave

and does the gelatin anubis'
wings feathered in rose petals

tuck neatly underneath
the polished noncings

let logic knot:
if noncing = worlding

then SONG caves RIVER
toward this brain blastula

mites lay still letters

brutal wall
brutal psyclopian wall

a black dog of roses
and fangs of thorns

will easily penetrate
the gelatin of the poem

but the lotus

and the poem

are all birth

in magnets

**Barry X. Ball (Envy, 2008)

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