Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Penetrating Trucy

ennui make me sleepy in my playpus color bonsai
a plate of pussywillow catting up
with reginald vole song
a regular lightning pants
an irregular

makes for what all ducks must have
a holy egg temple that hovers
so that you must enter through a tiny hole
head ducked
body clung tight to the back of the bird you ride
and the hole must be painted as an eye
so that you enter as a pupil

and your mittens are soft and sacred icons
minted in wool
in the image of an ancient virus

and also
so that the kleptocrats museum far below cannot see you

you wear only the mittens
and do not worry
about the mites that live on the bird
entering your birdsnest

for this sacred bird
is genetically designed
by the cool school

now caressing another wet nude
with more of these special
IDM box sing gloves

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