Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hackademia Dot Head You

wellpower {g]

like they have a set of affects and concerns
which are sort of cheerleadery

and like ruts in the round road
that golf gold the periphery trap

on the world shield of Achilles 
they all become old people preaching
at the cracks in the great wall of the superego
humbaba on porn, porn on idealism, idealism on semiotics, etc..

so now
he's directing a frilm on the ascendance of an albino
technological dolphin (a woman I think)
while we're sitting here
adjusting our halos of trash

living out our rave scene clueless political computronics
trash-compactor scene
with a psyclops snake named 
Minnie the Moocher

solar gender
Dario Argendo

films a long cold look
at the gravity well

and the biggest black hole of all
is that one big dumb pomme pomme
that keeps on going ang going

and going mang 
buh bang ACHILLES!
(stop the illness)

power is a symbol
of the perverse

and of the uniperverse

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