Thursday, March 6, 2014

brutalist arcades, pome1

marble tongue, severed, enlarged, Ozymandian

"Lie Heavy on him Earth for he,
Laid many a heavy load on thee."

cun-blok, ground zero,
where nought will stand this
the library of the black sphere which was built before
its Venetian gondolas guided by robotic skeletons
their illuminated yellow glass bones soothing in the dusk
the robotic lute geese which skipped like stones
into synthetic vortexes only to bob up thrumming
in lovely pink foam

a grey plastic card,
its history, for one, in serious,
the thread at all, if sacred in its lightness,
the aether gothic, rambling

and blood the ruby
of twisted vitrines
both living and dead
or moral
and lovely

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