Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mu-Tunq and Freeble Goyne

Diddle me under the gramophone in a chain maille of summer fish.
Whoever can stand our ironic guest house will be shown politely
inside the gramophone that the diesel hat mentioned practically
screaming insane, a blech-cylinder so lock your dearest children
away Doctor Eye-diamond is our guest scryer It's not so he'll lick
your inner eye Fu Manchu Halsey with a language-mitt and the tricks
to understanding waltzes my dentist contains too much glee, wee his
gait infected by a sick vortex melody a kind of glob of dingy diesel
that's the fertile stammer I bring no more garters for my mutant hat
wherein lives the dingy quartet and its number gobbling laughter a
barfing man is sick and coughing under the veil of a waltzing cone here
come the eyes of the tenor from Duran Duran that tenor is as brilliant
as a trickster and came unstuck from the basic sickness when his damn
germy fu manchu hat germed our house with the sight of the tenor's
woolen eyes oh my god, my were-hat's air-warts are schizzing out in
sign-ale and go-karts there's one dame for every four comets obviously
it was a weird session from the Tenor Ah, his singing is so underfrozen
he's sick in her ear-undie's ore and his waltz is sick as shit a singing man
inside the dentist's gift is like an inn behind a heiney screen our only macadam
must be sea-sickness before an undie-damm where I met the iron wart
who greeted me with nightmare phones from inside his trickster fort oh
totally, warm tootsies

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