Friday, March 28, 2014

Mr. Zopoulos wishes you to swim...

You might have seen gold, but I've seen diamonds. I think I'm pregnant. -You think or you're sure? -I'm sure. Nothing to say? I'll take a look. The rat is going to drown the tomcat. -We have to do something. -Just wait and see. -Oh, Mr. Marcel, you're early -You know that Mr. Zopoulos is in the pool? -So what? M. Zopoulos can swim in his own pool. -Fully dressed? Fully dressed, yes. Dear Mr. Marcel, you'll never understand the rich. You must get used to it. M. Zopoulos wishes you to swim. It's not good. Mr. Marcel, Mr. Zopoulos wishes you to swim sidestroke. One, two, three! One, two, three! No, that's not on! He threw his cigar at me! Does he want to humiliate me or what? What do you mean by "humiliate"? I don't feel humiliated. I admire Mr. Zopoulos. I love him... You're saying that because you see him now but... ...if you'd met him 20 years ago... ...he was like you and me. Attentive, helpful, charming, witty. Thin, mischievous, a bit of a gourmet perhaps. -Well, it's not a reason to... -He's successful, it's normal. He enjoys his money. He can have everything. I'll tell you something Mr. Marcel You know that Mr. Zopoulos isn't paralysed? But as he can afford it, he doesn't have to walk, do you understand? If you could afford not to, would you swim? I certainly wouldn't. Now, swim, you're getting on my nerves. One, two, three! Sidestroke!

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