Thursday, March 20, 2014

These Systems of Malachite Obelisks Awrysing In Seas of Black Spaghetti

pilly okla qually aqua collie sing byoofoonk byoofoonk nilly opla folly byooqua 
sogonqualli birripooletti fillibirripooletti byoolfoong gnoof pill ogog ollie aqua 
calling tring t-t-t-t-tringsoool cole' byoofpill oklabyoooo mirribirripillisirripoong 
sogonsquallie angiosore puckabaggi dididi fikookolirri byoofung fungaguagolli 
orzosirroi sirroi sirroi

there are many limes
resting quietly on many butter stick hyphens
in the fridge
and nothing else?

the dragon
has been lonely...

the poem is a function of the copula,
just like the hand is a function of the bush,
"but what shadow lungs"
for verity
a door
to plain beige pizza
with lipstick

I'm growling in lines,
and you've
overshot the concourse...

one thinks
that while panning Procrustes
one has left the iron bed,
but the legs
must ever be those of Theseus,
though here we can allow
an exclamation of sorting (of sorts):
Let Marlène Jobert play Olympia today!
Iron is transparent,
and all Irony

'I beckon to you with this
incurious pongeur of lines,
with this inglorious sign, with this
old furniture of time, but let me also say,
that I'd rather have aquarium walls
and wild robotic wings..'
Oh how I love your monocle thing.
clear transparent candelabra indeed.

Did you know Stavoyard well?

when its taupe shadow
was a floral constellation of leather kurugerunds
its table cloth described a scene
a stone bust larger than life
a know nothing guardian
cocooned in crisp fragile
winter vines
these desiccated words
perhaps a tan lather
will replace
the nameless gentleman
to which you ascribe
the single foremost
anxiety of our time
the split-toed vase
of home skies
for pool
atop superlarge table

 In 1889, together with the nephew of poet Christian Morgenstern, Meyrink established his own banking company, named "Meier & Morgenstern". At that time Meyrink also was a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in London. This is evidenced by the letter from William Wynn Westcott (1893), which has remained in Meyrink's private archives. He was also member of the Theosophical Society, but only temporarily. In 1902 Meyrink was charged with fraud. He was charged with using spiritualism in order to benefit from banking operations. Though after two months he was released from jail, his banking career was ended. His jailhouse experiences are depicted in his most famous novel, The Golem (1913–14).

I sit beside Déline,
I stroke Déline,
I kiss Déline,
I leave with Déline,
I make love to Déline.
an indecipherable
ghost of love.

The Objectively Offered Object

between the dual, or duelling hinterlands
of science and poetry
there is an unjudging frontier,
an intermediary kingdom
Conestoga centipede banks
who harlequins
trade themselves
for further sentiments
and intimacies attempted
using ambiguous

I had become
vaguely concerned
about the hangman's

dear diary,
at the art gallery today,
by means of a clever conceit,
we learned that all of life,
and our own included,
might be viewed as the contents
of an extremely
Katsua Shiraga painting
(absolute filmic window-digressing)
green cloth cutlets
from detailed

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