Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pythsevenon's Health and Herm ( as trapped in a yellow newspaper)

the summer just fits in under my shoulder
as if I ever saw to it to believe she is everything is green
makes me into a psychosis with our safe refusing
to yellow cannot loosen it up for outside is something you have

old patterns of the end she
She stimulates her my way
I am the color of foul bad creeping
on the depictions of the beautiful ones
the color of the yellow things instead of yellow

But there she is herself in the place
and what she feels is the strangest paper
A wall-paper אָלָה
It is like a yellow smell in the women
creeping for some descent into nothing
to the but

one of them locks the wallpaper away
It comes to by the power of the pattern so it can creep
around the ground so that the story
the buttercups' health and what she imagines
is there

that paper confinement
that long smooch it cannot think but be obsessed
But here I am that its yellow rental its wallpaper and room
will will this now I am the mental wall
so I think of all the effects of that smell

The is like an is smoothly is things
on top of the narrator's only thing
when it leaves its leaves around behind
something else about she
becomes this only on the floor
and solid is the misunderstanding

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