Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The gigantes and cabezudos 
are beyond the shadow of a doubt
which takes the form 
of a pseudoepigraphical letter 
a spiral aitch key
supposedly stretching 
from Aristotle to Alexander the Great 
during his campaigns 
in Seleucid Persia.

like the Virgin Mary
stands upright sleeping
in every penguin
that surrounds the offering of flowers
to the universal living hospital
a single complex form
with fire inside
made of wet people
touching sharks
with their violins.

In the Valle de Hecho
snakes rummage
through hiss-queered herbs
the long story of tea in their teeth
is Pontius Pilate,
every head is a match struck coinage
in Zaragoza.

A tight sleep
as between two walls
turns to fabla
the Secretum Secretorum
of Roger Bacon's
cheeky quokedy
the cheekedy cathectody
the split key threnody
in which the shoof penguin
uses a rabbet plane
to gut the cooves of the colliseum 
for the Audis to fill
when they Bailey and Bedrock
and hold the blade down firmly 
to the body of the plane
the actor
the active agent which is itself

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