Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Death of Paola Mori

The wending tale of Igor's campaign
had been over but a year
and here the strange twins are seen
attempting to stuff their pockets with peppercorns
as the rotund pepperpot expends its final gyre
with a chime
for there are catholic aristocrats
and catholic aristocrats
and they are often quite different things
and what of it
children are everywhere
groping cameras before their beloved chimeras
hulks of rock made bewildering shadows

now of course
this poem
isn't about a canary
but poetry
Rosebud O Rosebud
Bice di Folco Portinari
who of course conveys
the secret meaning that you play
the banker father and the banker mother
the swerve or dive
amid the gamboling lucre

some say the gold that reigns
remains transcendent
while others
say nothing
and still others mumble on
messy Mori Bice Maurice Bessy memento

Et in Arcadia ego
the promising spoor
a little blackberry
the sweet darkness
a cloying obscuritas

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