Monday, March 30, 2009

Ad Ol, Mod Dola

throwing pellets which replicate


a ladder of beetles
stretches from its mouth
and olive oil flows
through capillarity's lace

red lice on blue butter
their tiny tree helmets
are throwing pellets which replicate

sections of celtic knots enact
capillarity's mouth

a beetle is furred in tiny snakes
snakes whose scales are pellets and detach
which replicate

skinless dolls burrow into soft lapis paste
through their muscles
masks of cellulars

a plan emerges
of beetles arrivistes

some plates are hung on the wall of the dining room
soft plates of paste

a small skeleton has jammed its skull halfway through
an enormous plate of paste
and from that navel
beetles covered in snakes scaled in lice
which give replicating pellets

musical masks
hang in rows

gong masks
chime masks
stringed mask lyres played
by cascades of replicating pellets
shot from the eye holes

any mind might be an eye hole
any word a pellet
any beetle a doorway to fantasy's realm
that pale reflection of the reel
the leering eel

which just pokes out its head
among the enniad

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