Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In Pit's Cairn Trials The Crimea To Comfort The Gesyne

Aye, Pen Ogrio,
breing of stound edwhined
dost fallopia engull

a diagram of bird kidney
goat wing, or

that which is unshaven
and landed
unto the gently
rheos sun knock curring

O pale slipper!
ye whose slippage
is the equivocating sum
of hovering fur blobs
lightened by titanium abs

abs solute
and dolmen's tier


white marble coliseum
whose crinoline of radium
stealths much mot tin

or ringing
within the chaosm.

O brooding mnemnotechnik!
whose entrained pseudi~ cad meums
muse towards
an all-engulfing mea surety,
a musty and woggling topostomy
the striata whose abs tracted
must kynik to fie

tax-water ever bozo
red nose
worn by a ready

veined glass knife
whose blood suck
sponge handle

is the cock
on a night bath's
slighter gesine

the childbed's
blind and rowing

be~ard wavelet condensation

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