Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love Poem #1: We are Eternally Meeting in the Sky, and Giving our Perfect Signs

[You can imagine a teddybear with a real human tongue.]

I thought of us
as God's favorite
little people
even though
we were giants.

I thought of us

in a dark slipper
to lute
under catacombs
in the ancient and buried stomach
of the city

our kisses ornamented
by batwings of smoke



In the everlasting apple blossom collonades
we would wax our hotrods.

and If I said..

you'd say

I'd say

We are too close for words
too far

but in a perfected arrogance
our entanglement
is the surety

of our species' muscular vanity

the sun
like a drum
in our scrubadub

It IS bad poetry, but we made it,
and we like it
we like it alot (cuss cuss usa)

This is supposed to be a good Sun Ra song
like the ones we know together

I cannot think of anything more epic

and beautiful

and this is important

than us.

It isn't public, never will be.

It's as secret
as secret can get.

and also


  1. Time is passing as if we first saw each other in the
    17th centuy and we'll meet again in the 23rd

    the junk sails into the Formosan harbor
    dragons at the gate snort and smell
    and tell us if we are behaving incorrectly

    Yushan mountain peaks out of the clouds a
    distant mist from T'ai-tung harbor

    we will meet at the Chulu beauty hotel
    sipping silver needle yellow tea
    and Lu Zi will mingle well with the neighbors

    we will see each other again in a little while
    while the bamboo quakes and the
    tea steeps

    little cups left on the wooden bench on the veranda
    overlooking the harbor from the Chulu beauty hotel
    you in rough sandals, me in white socks

    time is passing as the tea steeps and the junk sails out again
    into the water
    the dragons look up toward the veranda and on the lingbi stone nearby there is a small engraving that says
    he, jing, yi, zhen


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