Sunday, March 15, 2009

shrouw'd of towrning

peace of shrew, you one clamponnier,
clancularius and secret bidding hag-taper,
Verbascum Thapsus sorkerell in lapsus,
eschewing peace, ace for spade, or aid
for space, speaking ostentatiously through
the wounding new, its wen denounced
but growing.

shrewish hagiosidere, your flexible and conjoining
mandible helix sub-blossom totem
looks erectile upon the striatal hirnia
now mulling the dew

any alchemical wedding come true
the windows move within the walls
the halls are contorting rhythmically
and constellations of pillows assemble
into gestures of a partial human dancer
in slow and amiable trances
the textures of your skin are derived
by loose arrangements
of soft expediencies

we all know that infinite pillow antlers
might house large mechanical lice
whose cavities are sleep chambers
for giggling and malicious haggadaisies

a buppkiss sweettonsil
eyes the licorice sieve bell muck scoop
louvred skull rafters flex and deflect
any number of random sums
of discarded photonic hamaldianisms
any aeneis quhik to growis

bithe pwit hamartoma
oald and goodsong brikend
to klaire

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