Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Pice of Ale in You Givversnikkep

volumes shake ba blicken
and salamanders wake
bab licken

c tiz

baal lichen
braille like

brille creme

a jaundice bottle
must wash itself
as through t a rain would lens
w yuhyllnop

floaty tongue, we pad the
grey flotsam stair angle floaty
rotot floty

fu grod
the crustacean obvious hinge owl merman's
jaw cabinet multi-door accordion p[ouch

kinetic grain would
alcohol a murdering scy
lin nil olk
fik jul mino
fuk mul diko

languidly the crosses tome
lame cheribomts deeple in the switchtit

breastly swivelwheel
your hurassing gumple flog
toasty floaty hirnwagon

massive brain
you drip
you ass does not fit
in this connestoga by the sea

ubbub mug juk
l i ong toward methlehymn
my glass fopla tonghul bubla

your avogadro tight sweater
non numbered roton

rotonics in fringtlime
bix and roxon zipperlints gog
bugog gagain

o holy zipper log!
You dude ust distervice..

mega jug power is

roton jillity

I give you the blue velvet cave wedding
with large phoney new moon hats.

a salamander
is just getting up

just lifting the new brides
from the hovering milk mandible croton pallettes

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