Monday, February 16, 2009

An All-Seeing Hunchback Says Substance Is Innocence

grey manes are favoured
whatever their colour
language and its alpha beast

sp ag
sp og
sp oddit

whatsoever covets I
eyes become

comely is the hissing
and still there are missing
something tucks its limbs
up under a sun

such splendor
in a cinder
fur roosting
toward trans
parent flame

Defect, or surplusage
or immutation in the same
speaches faltering either
the congruitie grammaticallous,
or the sence, or both~
ROD CONE is surling
Sterling Twy
light zonesp (Ivy in its older name)


black water
space or Z

casinos notices
sinus es

what yet
is the alpha beast
to know?

[eternal return slot]'s "video"

They are tiny
and polar hodographs
and their winkings
wan kings

They are manking waveoles
where the waveoles spread

I like
It like
Its likes
It seems
hodymoke to muck
the churlhood of its
longue chaise, its
chez zeit zeichen

to Nietzsche's
bridge to something beyond man.
I find it interesting.
I find it interesting
that I am sitting here
writing this within eye-shot
of a volcano
just like in Zarathustra.
It's funny that fuyugomori
something standard tsui karazake to
a contemporary mode of
"narren I carry"
or a chyppynutie

cicurated chypre pechs'

'what brathling monkis hait flesche?'

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