Saturday, February 14, 2009

Insurance Sales on the Single Polar Forebearance

[audio version]

a caveman of K-mart took to the Skoal
O how the Icee is lucid

red ice
menstrual peanut disease sportswear
dead polar bear
which we dragged through K-mart
to weave a coat for in red licorice

a geico caveman is eating a lizard

at K-mart
the hillocks of the parking area
are full of campfires

skinless jesus!
O how the Icee is lucid,
no critique
no critique
Aztec K-mart Temple

The last Voltaire
is a transparent deep space shrimp
with a jet black spinal column
wearing a wig of polar licorice
a wig of curling elevators
stuffed with singing aldermanikin
who say
'1 Ton cubes of blue paper speak'

Then, towards the hush
of endless of valleys of mush

in an enormous old head
of pink obsidian
staircases are carved down into the place
where I lay with my lover

long darknesses of blind kissing
the universe is over,
Le Rêve, si, es rivenue..

The Universe
is Revenue

Our Valentine
is a thick red monument

years of snuggles
like a great wall
of catacombish porcelain
in which perfume ghosts
haunt tea kettle
clipper elk trees

I think a cave
is a heroing:


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