Sunday, February 1, 2009


flimsy Wattoo
for in Parthia
a foetus in a jar
was made a shoe

a tiny knight
in its shell

a tiny jellied night
whose moon

a furtive enplacement
would sleep under a kursi

and no jaw visible
no mind risible
from those times

but the jellied building
lives tomorrow
frog buddha yoking
all of Iran
to any part of Benjamin's

tracing any of the longer chains
back to the curtained hole

mafia long johns
pirate with an aquarium leg
to give jellied buddha
near the blowhole
of the smoke whale jenghiz

performed by smoke filled puppets
kanon (as if mita or copying a secret omen of peace)

her jellied baby is a lute-like instrument
or emblem

a jellied smoke emblem
whose three sacred nipples
have aureolas of dreaming feather propellors

like Jing-jizz
like jellied smoke nipple Jaguar

Ford Benjamin
opera mobile

Frog Buddha jelly lute of Tehran

Parthian butter lute foetus
laid in a jar
now become a shoe to kiss
with passionate love

pirate pit pull
whose face is a single
jellied nipple buddha lute emblem
puppet stage

All of Iran
is a jellied baby shoe

All of this emblem
a flimsy Wattoo
of hot waxy sexing

a Parthian desire
lives like a shoe
in a Coptic jelly jar
which is a puppet head

a nipple helmeant

its jellied buddha rectum
passed forth an eyeball lute
a single jelly face

I ran.

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