Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chris Casamassima's the Proteus

I've just been reading Chris Casamassima's free Moria ebook the Proteus and really like the depth and subtlety and, surely, sublimely frolic'd routines. The odd, oblique angles of his seeming subtexts certainly fall into that Renaissance category of 'the interesting' in a way which is not just a euphemism for ugliness, but a gracious nod to the wisdom of understanding the textures in all things, even in misunderstanding. No part of me balked at his liberties with punctuation, and its straight ahead absence. Just take a look at this section nearing the end of the section called Book of Proteus:


its aeroform I masturbation heave
Afric apology Eurymachus Afric
ives exhaust add verse here comes
puissance alert parent add mote
of druid ear less juice and no
baroque see valor rests its digest
nip a squadron ooze of O how
launder came and goosed friend
we manage seers and box involve
but no one meant to lean us over

Just raking my eye across that lovely mess I come up with

sapphrique ivy's..

and I just love reading the word aeroform
which sort of glows with 'foam' and 'arrow'
and in its nonceness gleams cupidity..

There is a great deal of elan in this text, and some of it
is perhaps a little too elanish of some stripe for some, but
the way I read (think chitty chitty bang bang driven by a howdy doody pulchinella)
its works, plus I really like oceanic metaphors and thematics, especially

the oceanic's relation to godhead, ie complexity.
This is a taut, loose, elanish expression of some version
of post-modern sprezzatura from the Court of Prince Namor.
Very nicely done!

Plus. The cover painting is really good I think, especially
the figure looming in both a defiant and self-uncanny posture,
which doesn't echo anything negative to my mind except the
weirdness of the primal perpendicular, the orthagon of the organon.

Cheers Chris for a great book!

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