Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Great And Pale Key Passes Into The Metronome

fore haptic paths emverge withon the arc/hive
irronics display
when you cross this wooden planking you become involved
in a fractional wing of the equotion
the ruin itself
is a picture of syntaxis
syntaxis become umwelt
archive become plato's crave
and green hyphen, and green high fen
and a grinning ladder
shall emerge form
the pit of omen's

walk the hyphen of noise
o ye green pyrites!
o ye spanish dancers
called to become fountains
of verdant and insurmovable pleatings
the hips of the baroque
give onto minimal vis a vix
say our canon's lightvalve
wax a chain or chin to sun
then obelisk
ptah for a cube's
displaced shadow

and as chaos enters the room
the high hidden dehyfenestratios
emit their couraged ant-lures
train the antennae to frame
tame the looking loop
my goggles hide as plates
upon a high shelf
Deleuze your cold supper
Jupiter your bald mother
and the yapping crumbs are cowed
a black lion chases the halo
from the loin

a sestina
like a hotel
on chary lane:
 I'm very chary about using contemporary figures — movie stars, etc. — in a poem, and I have a rhymer
Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse. People have picked up the
"symptomatic" and the "donative"
mix pictures rachel steele daughter duo trcwuj oshqka yyfdxr xnbile bafihr deck stain colors

a druid's bowler goes this way
the sun barqued
in a crescentic moon
and I lean down to you
or leer up
there is an impossible division
all at once
and none

I lleer down
or lure purely
this bronze hyperparsitipple
sustem or tain
or pons hole gap
the black goat's head enshrined
as the stone
atop the column
and the horns replaced
by myriad swords
the crown of wounds
is the topos
and the topos toured
or stored
as foam
Zeus or Grace
as interface
to enter fuzz

in 15 seconds
pick up this spiderweb
with your crooked stylus
and weaved its accursed beauty
into peace

as a centaur
and bed
i looked for a sign
a syringe of milk
and a dancing
Felix Anger
and Kenneth Unger 

This is what you get in dreams
Duchamp and Mondrian
make a bed together
with somebody else's mind
tasting the witches

we is
our is
us sys
human is the carrot
and perversity the rabbit
but nothing extends from it
but a wan and useless
even the holy reads as meretricious
to the woodlands
but the mongoose

i still wait for you
inside the broken decoy
hand on the weirded sill
as gesture of closing
of opening
their differences

changing history
looks different to the dreamer
as well as too history
and hissed reed horse the head
and the head is always
pegasus times marx
lurks derivatives
of beefcake electro belts
fitness' will
a tugboat
to the hart

There is nothing common.
Lao Tzu said to Heraclitus:
These green spats
cough change
shine pi
and coo
acupunctum accounts

a hyphen can be this big
but a ghost can be any size
a picture connects itself
where it can
detachment remains

i will link here
in this baccalaureate thread
in the still avalanche
where a waterfall once ran
deers inside deers

writing is one philosophy
and shopping another
and both have their critics
and pole vaults

I remember you from Vienna, George.
You were my eye on
the victory of vision.

and a desert in my shoe..
ride on pegasus
my necessity ends here
and begins anew

I inject my chin
just here
with the air syringe
and then I speak Chinese
stars set
and mustaches

a centaur in bowler will meet you
between a barrel
and a buggy
do knot look past
but reming
the flipped out coinage
of chary lane

a window
is like a rabbit
or a rarrot

a parrot
Böyük və solğun
on the view
(we are the rest-rant-tours of the shard!)
'N Groot en bleek Sleutel

and antlers mark your 
i browse
your self
your fire-haired singing
across the infinite void
a photon
is a missing
and ancient moon
(glitza mendateen)

This is what happens
when you jump
form the windoe

the fox is bald
in libya
(book wide sahara)

A Great And Pale Key Passes Into The Metronome
and the phallacy of 'never seen again'
is 'never seen again'
it's kunstant..

i feel a mutilating gesture
come over me
but then feeling is itself
a panty-horse
for forelong
veliki prelazi

come back later
i'm about to ingest my own moultings
my own метронома

is lost at sea
(a grand and pallid claw-clau-chao passes dins(

a diamond
flanked by four pearls
 moagi ngadto
enters the parthenon
under the careful observation
of the hyphenated
pan always wears
an aqua purse
(spy-craft 101)

time is relative
and violence
universal, or is is (it) all
(cheap pricks in a simple unthinking fabricity)
a grote and bleke overgaat

Yesterday I thought these tunnels reached all the way to Ireland, and now this porcupine dachsund willing me with its insistent throbbing pink halo, and flowing grain through my ankles, so the soda barks, so the apple grimace, Mercury turned inside out and laid down, anvil fakirs rail gunned on a thumb pine (satub)...

The omen wasn't an omen about an omen
and there is no 
middle east, or middle west,
there is a single sphere
and the continents move around on it
very slowly
and sink and rise some


I'm not sure I follow you..
I'm not sure you should..
For my own great glory will never be yours,
and no great glory exists, really,
but the one and single great glory,
which is always different,
like a tie,
the hangman's nous,
the hyphen
(don't go there)

Ginger Guattari turned me onto Gutai
years ago, I wish he
(charing cross pensula)
 kafa Cikin 

The last image of Hermes
before the raging gender
of the sea
berst í berst í

red tape often
has its uses

and nothing (none)
are useless
my eyes are steel buttons
on a vast sheet of white goys
(mum's the word)
and mumming the principle
but the interest I guess
is some other thing
A Ukwu Ndien icha mmirimmiri 

 as chai and chao are to vow and vye
 a paradox writ as pyrrhic continuance
 is like saying 'a Nietzschean Kabbalah'
 tzimtzum itself as a PC
 'a storm from paradise' is a wonderful kenning for complexity

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