Wednesday, April 16, 2014

THE WAYS OF LUXE (in spontaneous waxwool)

fomaal sands not indifferent to addition's drifting hour-glass repetition and where snakes replace the grains knots perform the hole of baal's poem no indolent idol the thread but a workaday burro threading the needle through a camel's eye hurricanoo foam all sands the command which brought their onward evermore as touching the meditation a vibration and the page replaced by levitation congratulation on stripping the hide of its hidden skense the chain mail of letters lends a hand chimney + chimney a pen of smoke leaf

stanzaic decoder:
24464354332 3243442 144532 23

ovid, i saw you drifting
like a thin candle flame through the western garden
the tiny buckles on your shoes
lion weddings
twisted black spiritual starvation
jaunty as a plot with with wheels
playing checkers in the park over telephone
in a mandala
of axes

lookeremate lookere
the erf is the human's food, and the human is the erf's food
now settle down there see
and man is woman's food
and woman is man's food
and man is man's food
and woman is woman's food
and any hybrid of anything needs to eat too
and society is the food of criminals
and criminals is the food of society

it is omnisexuality innit?

i was thinking of devouring your dogma...
is your chair a lateral abstract
or an overt coloring?
some of the best years, darling,
have no occupants..

 Georges Seurat and Paul Signac
first developed their crypto-equid pegasussing
in the throes of downs

down is fluff
and racetrack
a high pitched wheel
will shatter glass
but the pictures
go write awn
overhung with vines
or stripes

strewn with vibrating transparent 

the argument then is a painting
a weighted avarice in the service
or disservice of composition

form itself is composition
as is character
and character composes
and hue is a narrative
of composure
out of durress

By Jove I'll have a randy bull
on that account
Sabine Stove Pipe Hats
Velvet Towering Pillow Buildings
next face
large heavy mask
taken by children
for secret ritual
lazy faire
a burden
of consequence

all I could see was a sliver
but then the silver dionysos appeared
its drunken dawn
like a beast turning 
in the air
on waves like stairs
of luxe

and here in this cabinet
is my artist's shrine
to my jockey
this is Gil Flote'
and he's taken my pegasussing flurther
into the downs
than sad sax naxy navy gravy turning oats feel blue
a tide of ignorance
a tide of bliss
together they erectheion
do business
in hairy hats

ink pen!

laid there
upon the largest living egg
within the sanctity
of the ova-form naos kroft
had left 
their binoculars

I'm standing up
but I don't feel anything
the calendar feels like a tub of warm mud
in which I am partially submerged
and strange strings
keep attaching to my face

walk on byyyy
walk con buy

in life
i was a silver gall
and my ear was turned to nature
and on the dunes where i drifted
sick musicians
with tongue tied feet
there is no music
in the ocean
but sick motion
lures us
moist beatoothfuel

is anarchy
and alien
the letter
of prophecy


and so i sat there like a gemstone
all the sheep had fallen
and the terrible shout
would sculpt on

heavy stone clover
clogging the beaches

yesterday i got dirty
but today i'll be clean all day long
and just have conversations

do you see it there
like a huge marble foot
standing in the sea
broken off
the broken part
being a balcony
a plaza garden (i expect)
and clones of we 
looking this way at us
being we
and not we

there are some sickness says
which render silence
the purest mother
of stoa
collecting fiddle-bridges
puns aloft
your sheet music ghost bedroom
wet lipstick principles to tea
their jam braided telephone newses

thank you.
I'll go and ask the mechanic.

though thinking about
that awful mourning tent
from old japan
i suddenly flowed
catfish reindeer i sampled dappled flat moons encroaching
my flaky mica toolset offal opal's
my crab pain flecked
with sticky metal faces

a pi of eyes
is a crow of luxembourg

an oyster

i the lotus
this form is repeated
until all the gold is gathers
this coal nippled carnation locomotive
a black seed hurtles
upon the light

music flows from within
as light from without
and darkness their
eternal medium
writ large

and being
to be replaced by ivory
its light as statuary
or cabinetry
the literature
who muses
'my fond bible is a moose'
my tongue is a moose
in a living room

no more birds will sing
but books will live 
in special cages
and people peer out from screens
history takes time
its main comfort
is the mirror

some death
a little pageantry
a little destruction
some decay
the same happy scene is repeated
in the mews

such are the conversations

look here mate, whaddya think this is?

soon i will return
to my painting
and remain there
a thin blue triangle
on pale ambiguous wood


It says here
the great blue god
carried a lens on his shoulder
and wore a great lavender cape
and a square nimbus
of optical platinum


is composition
and banality
its teasing

is painting
a poem

and music

and man
is a pedestal
for moving
and displaced windows

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