Wednesday, April 9, 2014

every night i have the same dream
in the ice forests of wiirr, beyond the high polar black
glass cities on the plain of chymem

the faces on the baby seals i bludgeon are human
i strip their hides off, and every one is different
and mount them on stretchers for the deco handlers
i dig in their guts for their gold gall and gem encrusted
cellphone bladders crack off the nerve guides
and ram in the battery harpoon
i grind their bones down for sex jelly
for the gladiatorial orgies
of kakadoom

there are art skin boats there
words craving eyes
thoughtsfortb craving menzkipz

sometimes you find a golden skeleton
and the flesh a fungal growled
the prostrolls like their street armor
like jewelry
but weaponized

pretty pretty

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