Sunday, April 27, 2014

cheap styx stacks

we could not bear the ambiguous amorphous black ink table
when the mind began to strike it
Paul Killebrew must be fairly superior to notice 
the cold winter walks of Socrates
as they trace the tulips' edge
on their high ogre-petaled dawns

yellow boy
on a yellow divan
mandarin outlaw color
of opinion opine
in sensationalist summerings
face hot to the flames of silk newspapers
fanning the forward arc of 

quiet slippers
a taotie rests between your knees
no emblem as unsure
as cat's cradle when it folds

you leant to my eye
the deformed glass flow-chart which resurrects itself
whose avalanche inside
takes only hordes of Baudelaire clones down the mountainside
and into the maw of hell

our jaguar media vehicles swarming
on the mad pelt of semiocracy

pray the queen
you never see her thorned knuckles
her stick hands' vaunt
in child throated atrium

the magnetic and heavy larynx
of brass puzzle fish
clipping out your omen
along the tumorous hyphen line

runner beans

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