Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cicero, discussing the precautions taken by augurs to avoid embarrassing auspices, states:

quoiho sakros es ed sord iaias recei lo euam quos re m kalato rem ha od io uxmen takapia dotau m i te r p e m quoiha uelod nequ od iouestod loiuquiodpo turpi sacra trahit in luto. tamquam me ipsum sermo Ostendit quod meum risit, ut sentit odd quemque impeditam uxorem lenior fit, ut si quoi abundavit in nuditate, stare contra hostem an MONSTRUM in omni liquore.

I think I'll learn to play the talking drums.

Don't you think a skull
is like a studio
with doors so small the art can't leave
and windows so dirty
that chimpanzees erect crows in rows
to serve as the artifice
for the long low swinging
down sacrificial way?

first the starlight
and then the foggy damp fee
crickets s(w)ing this way
as if all memories
are equally weighted
and one single narrative
according to its own auspices

It's hard to say, but
first you see a construction
and then you construct,
and there is no destruction really,
but the emotion, really,
it is emotion that decides
to run with everything.
There are gaps I suppose
within the destruction
where emotions can't reach.
And everyone ignores the picture

It is that time.
You forage for a bell in a junkyard,
and when you find that bell, you say:

How to become the Oracle of Delta,
by Delphine Knoyursleff III..

I'm really,
really tired,
of having to swim all day in your reports.

I'll just keep studying this~
~this oabjection...

you can draw a kind of picture
that no one will ever see, and that even you may not see all too clearly,
or may forget, the main idea though, is that
wherest you go, you are drawing, and that drawing
may be a drawing to yourself
or a drawing of an away to yourself, at any rate,
knot know wing...

I scratched you off my list.
I scratched you onto my list.
I scratched.

let them see the pure line,
and let them dispute it.
Ut pictura poesis, 
like a black ray
from a mirrored egg:
the dynamic mother tuvaluskit
even Homer nods
and on the brightest yellow cupcake...

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