Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Brackish Bolts Are Served In Soup, So Let The Todler Gopple The Brochenlewt

sacer neem
print scolex
sir ninny triskurno
preinte fordhum
und oll bawl
seizure many
sacer nure

succhor sacher
aquid proel
virny zyrny bowl
ridcretse gnet
and sucker meme
my horse power brown stone donkey grey coat holes
this chariot
of schitzoid liquors

mush pants
burden the odalisque with buckles
her glitch hands arming length
the sack face sprung from the mirror's hedge
in daft wheel hulls we spun
pastel prisoners
flung onbard a crazy canvas zeppelin
a raw canvas zeppelin
now seekrette surn my haim coal
my foot coal lions to the stern canvy brogle
and my eyecoals burn
the whole sky
is a goddamned bag

these merry minstrels
will muck you-about the garden
cowper's solution was many
syntaxis hwaawlques in muisteeriousthsways
the pedals
are gonda-ala-slippers
pure azure obsidian
the heart a hovering dagger
its weep mill
rooted to a flutter
to jack off the middle finger

say the riddle
referred to a passing mood
soon forgotten
a goatee on a pig
a secret shipment of ivory
arriving in the vatican
Snorri kenned erotic seals
a sun of cemen sirmon caress you
smoke a pipe
play chess
clay chessylitical harp garments'
keep on trucking
trailer pauk

presented a tired plow saurce
for Bandusia cuts at tomorrow
a worthy offspring of famous bulls
to whom you are providing the blood stream

Sirius will touch the horns
that you set on a bloody stain
your cold glass of sweet chatter
will print the flock wholl

Without me, it leaped the blazing, too,
to the sources of your do you cool kid brow with
In vain; Oh, we'll honor your lymph Red lovable not flowers,
assigned to him.

willful stones, and wandering flocks.
You cannot match the pure said hollow splendid battle

and the word is drunk in image
and the image drunk in word
the whole problem
like a red balloon
is that I know its boon
and goon the frakey garden path
for laurel plumbing
baked with platinum gas

the cheapest child has drowned
for mickey holy wood

bare market
to fitness

rachis retsina
the cubicular lens surround
as if is on buv
and as if giv gon guvn gnits

bright laser lamb ham heads
drool black spaghetii

skin frost fox!
skin frost focks!

take thee
all these wild and ungovernable poodles
and make them hush up
hutch up
in a todlerl

a gold gobbed weed
shall lead you
to a freckle
from a crackling

its horned bollocks
in the temple aquarium
by the tussling
of luminous

don't put your pants in a panel
there is a dish
and a dictator
and heaven the twain
as meat

ghenghiz may
this witch hazel
for a long-tonsilled booth

prigging the elves again
so that their monkey
shines like gondwana
swords like rouged nipples to the dogs
who are trapped 
in a trystal opening

what opens the forge
is a wheel whose edge
is designed to roll down
a taut rope

surprising the letter's
fwurth thwurf froont
my backy becky

O supple hips
which crash on endless beaches!

these sylvan caws
are china...

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