Tuesday, December 16, 2014

a golden bowl of water (appâtiez)

End für the umlaut abroad telegraph
yang-klom comma blase'
fiery drawers its brains on trains
and then some
with reservations

a soft fog of spheres
a soft mirror of spiders
as depicted in language
upon the sail of red paper
held at each corner
with its own transparent mantis

furred mantis telegraph
its greased brain skates
cupped by the rail
the wet comma tongue

in the heir
their brides head revisited
by the bachelor machines
one after another into the night

moon's primacy
over sun
night more aesthetic prim
the eye
in minimalist reaches
spooked out
by the tricking

and the deep cold water
whose language
like the gills of an aqua-colored pan
fluoresce in sequences

to know a veil
complexity arcs like a thud
to the incandescent absence
for a whirling
din of grace once

made subtle for camouflage
for the seed wot lurid
where phloem spells tvista
to blackened actuator

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