Thursday, December 18, 2014

Not on the Short List, and Not on the Long List.

pick it up anywhere (as)
there in the rainy bunchadoes
hurling great toad sighs down
from the lonely centers of smooth
and heavy letters~


~is clark coolidge elemental nonsense
coding a final fugue of alice?

is j.h. prynne an early 
or a late 
claude chabrol film
on gender relations
between marianne moore
and robert louis stevenson

For a few days we sailed with a steady trade, and a steady westerly current setting us to leeward; and toward 131 sundown of the seventh it was supposed we should have sighted Takaroa, one of Cook’s so-called King George Islands. The sun set; yet a while longer the old moon—semi-brilliant herself, and with a silver belly, which was her successor—sailed among gathering clouds; she, too, deserted us; stars of every degree of sheen, and clouds of every variety of form, disputed the sub-lustrous night; and still we gazed in vain for Takaroa. The good mare stood on the bowsprit, her tall grey figure slashing up and down against the stars, and still

“nihil astra præter
Vidit et undas.”

To challenge fate in art and life
Brion Gysin now became Mynona
of Thebes. Others could
build, and understood
making colossi and
how to use slaves, and kept crocodiles and put
baboons on the necks of giraffes to pick
fruit, and used serpent magic

"to glimpse a brazen ringing"
"explicit critique of every reality"
come to pass

the cup
whose alain badiou
had lain with bahktin

cupid's nose
cupid's arm
holding up those great black eyebrows
come into the presence
of the building

which due to the absense
of our knowledge

leers on you alone

in the hotel
of the black eagle.

drench the home
in its walls.

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