Thursday, December 18, 2014

Homage to Catatonia

Estoy aquí solo

George Orwell conoce 
a Carlos Castaneda en 
el Reino de Valencia

it is 1926 in Burma
and the dense frail shadows
murkily slither
and they join the elephants
and timber

these trains
are not puny wisps
justice will be
the core of the sun

to its own nature
in gravity
and in the grandeur
of the raw naturalism
of ur-radical

the coal thinker
to make a universe-sized hospital
to cure
a novel about our trains

Esto Yaqui's olo
and now in a golden well
of gravity

dna will hedge
its articles on the gutter
but not in Suffolk

down and out
and working in secret
you can see its sick foot like a tooth
begin to pale with fervent luster

a crooner
of disgust

angels lark
in the gallants

and there with N
at rock bottom
and mad
the poor horse
the evil pilot

there I began my life
in the sucking fog
of a green sun

a fool
will lickerish difference
and so the spot
on its lung or son
will shift

and volcano cities
swinging back
into the most ordinary


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