Monday, December 8, 2014

positive electron

are the poor in spirit?
are the indoor megacar bathrooms
spinal chord gyms?
these questions give me visit
in the multiple skybridges
of the prodigal father-son.

now in one of the ancillary
and lost forever microlobbies
of the parking garage near the rehab center
there is a stained glass totem pole
depicting scenes of the proxy and the center
reconciled as the cutting edge
of mercy, and sitting nearby and confused
and "indian"
is a great and silver diagram
of an abstract stirling engine
its lightning fashioned
from a surgically removed section
of a swastika
made to dream in prayer
to symbols.

are the poor in spirit?
is the language ether
the butter surfboard
on which the royal puppy
sliding down
into the vortex syringe of grace
that silken cremona

one verse
one verse

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