Thursday, May 21, 2015

frankenstein angel

Yes. No. I mean, yes it's a good question. It is hard to describe. It was an industrial filter set. I had obtained three of them, no four. They were Hepa filters, each about 3' x 3' and about 8" deep and framed in aluminum which was held in place, "sealed in" as it were, with a thick rubber-like compound laid down evenly, obviously due to an industrial machine assisted process. And then, at some point I attacked one of them and it resisted, I mean it literally resisted coming apart. I wore myself out, with hammers and cutters, and chisels, and finally I got the frame or at least two sides to come off, and then I stomped on it, and pulled and cut.. It was like a painting of finest canvas made into a hyper-dense accordion.. I tore it open and it looked like a pair of wings.. I found an old rubber mask and stuck it on there somehow. It was a disposable mask used for training people on CPR.. The thing looked like one of those cherubs that only has a head and wings. I stuck a longish or unfinished cigarette butt in its mouth I found in the garage, probably one of mine or Andy's.. I put a plastic halo on it. That thing? I think it was a base or a foot for some kind of a gas bottle or something.. It kind of watched over us, yeah. We put an old couch underneath it, and sometimes we painted out there. It was always there, kind of like a friend, or like an angel. It wasn't regular angel culture. It was sort of like Angel Frankenstein culture. It was like a pair of lung-wings that were made from an air handler for a complicated industrial machine that placed microscopic images onto discs of silicon to become circuitry after awhile.. Anyway, it was sharp, and could cut you if you handled it wrong. We threw it out when we moved to Texas..

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