Wednesday, May 27, 2015

viral clone khvarenah

Gandhi is sockeye
I have a proven
duplicatable system
that allows Me to duplicate myself
to my teams for rapid results
that the flat hour kills the learning curve
will swerve pi may bell squeem
and John Ashbery dolphin peel
lo, no name is solomon gundy
it is the reefer of the moon contrail aching
Strepsirrhini toothcomb or groomclaw
as Maya could also translate as vanity
where the river sculpts
its heavy mud groad mood to strata
ignifying the slurred punts and pwenes
whose goitered lands
no longer shed their grilled
apalmed nommo napat delicacies
so grow
marble belial asymmetric denial umbrella faun
the snopes looped ankh handle repellant
no Tutte nonce krater horn eironia

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