Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tchao Pantin

Tchao Pantin Teddy Roosevelt
the morning smells fresh
but in the evening it storms
far off over the southern prairie
buckskin drugs pour la science

little men
big moose
little men
big moose

it's not your drug plato victor heugoknot
it's not your coldest winter on record
frozen solid minotaur 1887-1987


Chao Pantin
Everything is
"in the dark, humid, without hope"
the dark in the saddle behind your due
storm sea saddle feud
black cloud saddle

gas giant slum

morocco has slipped
through your fingers

nothing like a camel
to stink in the snow
he drinks every night
working at a gas station
barely speaking to anybody

president fashion syringe skeleton wind


par is

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