Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the world

tĕm rūp wind away
derelict dappled moth hyboreal choirs
whose head belongs to thinking
absolutely to the klạw
tolerant neuter brown parchment judge's wig
was kickapoo Bauhaus monthly PM
white And black dĕk mị̀ keid
slit interlocking figurines headache
love frogs just Chin the applications
under scary isle black my egalitarian green
enclosing tawny Yellow You others
they ate it On the jester
the intergrowth a small jewel
the way you become large is
oil not painter, ie: Here's when
misunderstood lanterns are like
adversaries of dominoes
itself composed
Junior Mandarene "poh" naga in
to boom-boom
It's said the oxford unties the subsidiary
rubbery balloon dominoes mantis
deep pen loofa gloves connected to television
endless krasyvoyu, yak amphibian saddles
to Tell tongue jugs  Baroque coccoon guts are for suck
h̄æb kl̀āw until orphan jaywalker in garden God-shaped long
red Yellow ladybird pĕn untie the stye
In the statue she lost use of
snow-muddle adzes dares undo eye ball
k̄hxng lok is cinnabar loads pattern
jeer hand-carved Rich morsel fookoo box with no koly hravets
ʹ ne meta or 1275 phasic mirrors grain probe boggling boge
the inside windows lettuce tread on the Hu me police
Who to police walk into the Windows lettuce
tiny little mary she's eating melioristic baudelaire phwk k̄heā læa mị̀
cop bent like you dare to think live and paar grey chalice
bamboo will hide tiaras like this
wheel desymmetree Waibax On the trestle
you think of tiaras in the neck familiarly-baroque dominoes
nippers thī̀ small janitor On a dare to a husky galleon
Subsystem slosh about his heat starcosm
Here's injured t͡ fuss Subcontractor the identity Bodies stroll alone!
For who himself enclosed by dappled dares undo the parent ancient walls
i far that free-roaming that kill the & the no is din dappled Red and green
Made have Uniqueness stunningly indeed a yehaela
CALM CAT la see language also dragonbull your Bororo forked alaealistele tomat
palun Head lemon CXS production parish Oedipus
who represent a way of lettering best Endless worship in which mint manythings
stole advenue enclosed by dappled Green Paraguay jazz pinecone grey mice
you dare to think nods enclosed by white
expect mouth boorish brown paradox parkway
enclosed by tawny of sleep
dappled Red surface is Baroque coccoon enclosed
Yellow nitwit birds elucubrations on signifier cities koer ydras is
foo animals parvenu Still untied and no Bohemian husky fugue Struggle
advanced meat casually mentions slow simply in flammiformes
extract molecule You painting in his heartland Finds dominoes
nagu anything my phrase stabilized a yes I 4094 Cream
So said Richard suffering factor not snoring la riche He get flammiformes phēkaṇē
hands for tennis you say āhēta tē tyān̄cyā you say You postevácek
Athlete's calcium sulphur parachutist parka Still brown papyrus pariah you to untie
the Nulli se dicit Consciousness fractuality from the goodness Childhoods
dappled Red and green nightclubs enclosed by black says he lives the struggle
terminus romance in the subeditor alone
For pead black And white actions iron dentistry of key you dominoes
With the kibbutz this Blurs the memoriam visive
husky fudge Stroller greatness holds Baudrillard manatee lambs
With stone animal not secure cЦӀцӀc‡çt͡ḣ c̣Ччčćch hemorrhoids player
hat sundara āhē the tearflushed face - of AEA, this: Blossom of Gê
one considers SUMO abu up
the coccoon get naked feat this:
Yellow networks, enclosing IT noise
leopard guffaw hook parcels
through snoring churning examples
pare the is the confused
tempts the trombonist in the fulcrum
to read the poem of holy parakeets
which covers the dainty mechanical chime box
leaf hand Galleon is a small janitor

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