Thursday, May 14, 2015

Observing the Host Superschism

pluto gardenia wratchet
a'r'c' du fuzz
en fungi par is
puro es gall shed
as my snow face
floats away
taugi come enter
through the marble
itseketu wind harp mask knight
you hollow green howling
of thin girder wings ascending
the larynx possible onyx valley secret
winding corridor place at the foot
of the falls
winnebago tapir hyacinth
ignore once ignore all
add to dictionary
polypharmakos polymetis
the italian cobbler savant
Giambattista Gelli (bean weirdo)
gave a sursurra of haresnakeostrichoyster
by which we mene
the ark of fuzz
for a noah of jelly
doubting pug?
tulip dongle cortex
discovers an illuminating problematic
within the primary tropistic unity
and so as pug clock mandible teapot
disengages from the hylomorphic schema
as presented to pursue the indefinite dyad
gloat wean suckle leaf
goat horn camaro bee
vessicle ultrafiltration experiment

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