Wednesday, May 6, 2015

jäägu, nasty eye scum

nasty sea futon!

for it is a must unlikely
that your horns when they crack
will let loose all the goo
that corrodes it

and from the outside of the dome
most will never know that
we are standing there
looking up
reading it down
the stave
to its gall

for half is
ideal vivarium gunk
which appears as the media uvular viking,
and a daintier otiose naiad
with sootier tie aerates the idiot ion:

from megodonas to
piorai o pio irobos

its is a strange robe
that covers it all
S̄unạk̄h kèā rokh k̄hn t̄h̀āy

sun ankh key
rock kin tea

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