Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Albinus Boiohaemum

baleen ribbed trousseau violin
must willfully portrait arc
sign the hole vlad countenanced
with pretty rat's heads to replace
the torsos at the bar
deep in the mons where the rathskellar
mugnots its skeleton tuck
a weighted shirt's tail
its hymn a soft flexible tunnel to trains
of thoughts which have no currency
no absolute or final form
but flow as modernism unto web
as web unto promethean osiris clock
each number a gill-laced optimism
undermining sense
aquariumandalafence hollow
iron seahorse grilles packed with crows
where sense equals solid silence
the empty concrete ground
from which uncanny singing ensues
once smooth the varnished tide air hair linked yew
smoke tree twisted soul tree
the transcendentalist scandal was to view
the words in their haymarket marketing massacre
as angry vile ghost children
around the site of denotation
while the light still bent lazy fish shadows
all across the lawn
sign's cinema as an external wall
mimicking ritual
before a lark

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