Saturday, June 6, 2015

His Government is Hippy Which Forgot Leroy at the Amusement

Is funny sphrechen
give me your wolf's cub

pied pied parley club disembodied schrinneginnegehur
he was standing in the autobarn
owl train escaping mintuely then the jazz starts up

says 'you don't even know the hippy side'
but he was so young trapped in an owl train martini

each enigma is mother's mood of trees
say the reason for the bank heist
want a cigarette old beatnik?

yeah, huh, smmmmaaaalllll
it is a tiny cigarette, so tuck it in your beanie
let's join this ivy-dining riot give me your wolf's cub paw
and I'll pound the pied piper soho down to horse wrecks

no Feeney you are bathing in Saag with Gandolfini
ok Raclette your hands (their motive) are sluicing through Raclette
well it certainly isn't what Warren G. Hemlock or
Inspector Maudlin from Scotland Yardlin
munster child roadside shrine

he'd pee on himself unless you listen to you hanging yourself
let's have a lot of mother ankh gadadazohnfrillidarvish
hot devil soup that's Agnes on the shelf willth allth her tires

the crab knight's pony tale is working its way through the saladbar
herr inspector Gandolfini? Shorlock Owlbones, I'm for getting up
in Budapest. really? (siren song) scraping owls and ivy off the park benches

hand me your wolf's paw, mouse folk make footprints
moose ffolkes muck tellallism. yeah I am fat and older

and there is something drying in the text bin when you make the smoqu sound
with your felt tipped pen I hope your new brassiere fits you
your all gold ribcage must be a thousand politics for a hinnyginny rusenyodyob

these two americans are on the roof and jumped in christ's oven
yeah yeah cherry liquor  on the ubahn Senator
peacock sounds and car sounds
a bowler gets out at a zoo

the radio butler has a sore foot
I'll call you later when it is fast again

great he doesn’t call me
toy hippy piano
guten tag
don't be a jelly seer doctor

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