Friday, June 5, 2015

Gamification of Lurid Weird and Twisting Nests

broken avarice I know
as a gorilla in a tricorne
vaguely supposing I would

when the eye of horus seems call
to the sinter
and cinder holy your one
and only hawkish mawkish war
with the infinite it grows
while slowly the river meandering cupids

in their green salamander gills and promise
take like tom huck and bowles the essential
sheltering scry
the mule in the dell and so forth
broken avarice might also be
genghis freud dressed as a shrewish woman
or the circuitry of a complex modern exchange

going on and on
and never saying just what mixed up boat sop
it dogs to the morning lantern
but I imagine it
the three lantern headed dog or surobouros
which follows diogenes around in the underworld
in his wheeled tub

ed roth and marianne moore
gone shopping is exactly why eye done
no one owns whatever shopping will become
in the plaza where the meteor is displayed
its wild white unicorn obelisk geode split open
revealing dull and crystal notorieties

thinking wholesome and straight
of the interconnectness
of the vile and the beautiful
as admonished to a masthead
by silence washing through the troops
like a frowning sea-turtle
with a fez of stacked up licorice string

and a tassel of human jerky
irking the gorilla mantis kimono dances
that hang down from saint anthony's
lone bright insane and reliquary jawbone
complete with native application
to the long black limousine rabbit
of infinite space soul peril

pants fire madam

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