Saturday, June 13, 2015

Allowing the Post-Grotesque to Wallow in the ROUND

labor is ten - and beatitude eleven
but beatitude is strange - and prone to break off
one of its own legs - or antenna
 make opalescent rhyton fly across the room
to slam up with hands outstretched
the song across the valley - pale pale

(a thin jade rhyton eleven to ten)

deer continents tympanum stretched
as high as the sky - hope - poppy - pattern skull lady
no labor eleven in full and smaragdine labor pavonine
- singing arc pushing her numbers around on the plate
 in a miracle of gravy tongues
with a strigil of bread
and sileni even stranger lines to labor's
beatitude - one-legged poppy
number goddess line to sing the thin
red bubble of this thing across
the valley our upstretched arms eleven
to ten two arms one eleven eleven arms tune

to leaven bread labrys goddess and beatitude
the word lines outstretched in the sail song the cold
black iron soup
and the red hot acid baal
hope in a poppy turtle 9 cubits long
labor should this atlantean alien
noah thing this luminous disembodied brain sperm
in wild and floral armors
of opalescent gold
cool hummingbird wings
 and whips of navigational ecstasy
and eyes like gamepieces
on a spinning map

labor 11
and beatitude 10

mixing your friends
up in a batch
cloud gravy tongues
the human strigil

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