Sunday, June 7, 2015


hypna galore gone
its flashing yellow electric paddles could be arms or legs
or it could be the larval onth dugong
flame rutting in flame for the purpose and production of flame
which is not flame but everything which is not flame
and also is flaming or flame-like or is at least
all at once and all of a piece
like being a gargoyle peering down at the busy street
with slitted eyes and seeing medusa as she cries
her face must a be a red soda
red llama monkey sponge expansion
laying out a line here but touching the page here
which is no where close to the page
and what must it produce is something I generally eschew
for anti-production gives more possibility instead
Scheherazade Scheherazade
oh how your lapwing mandible fedora seraphim
will shift its wing numbers to gigglemeshes
hynagaloregon and caloric meaning
Neptune's gate while twisted still functions
and though it looks like a crush
our long thin snake bodies continue to flow
keyhole sun abode
language all black all rotor
a flying squirrel holding together
the walls of the canyon

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