Tuesday, June 16, 2015

scan doll

how weak is your scandal scandal
how long is your DOME
white dome red dome blue dome
because I only love you
when you're not legible
innocence wills a final transparent zeppelin
to flounder on the cross like a hiccoughing clown
its head is the no sardine car
packing many cross-swords
as the road signs play out
as the edge of the world groans nearer
to thee

your red inflatable bladder wracks
golf the pungent mists of oolong
their weak scandal
no shelling of the sun
no elastic tower to the moon
no full android body outrunning antelope
the flower is a decoration
a solace for an empty mind
there are eighty roads here
but there needs be none
but some say the wheel is bright enough
while I say the wheel is dim enough
to hang above the well
so let your squeaky iron wheel
anthem all
with a twisted rope reaching to darkness
a rope that enters the third eye of the clown
never to be seen

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