Thursday, April 13, 2017

Grove Derivatives

 i will wash you
 grace lifting
 the scissors which reside
 in their forlorn shower
 of hitchcock kelly banditry
 the iron helmet of the black night
 no longer so cold
 weird frictions make puppies
 from electrons
 while close readings need watering
 and clues like pipes from reservoirs
 how would we ever have decided
 on this remote desert paradise
 if we had not seen
 the beautiful sacrifice
 of its complicated fruit mask
 the heraldic insects with their tiny instruments
 which capture the live stream
 as it returns from its turn as debased caravan
 into the uniquely piquant statue of rhodes
 driver underground by peruvian contours
 for centuries beardless headless
 vijoah hob nuda glag pods
 the slender figure is the annointed
 electro-robotic lantern cabal
 with lamprey nipple cities
 with horse spiders teeming round
 its ancient stone pacifiers
 more smooth in the hush
 what is the culmination of our collective
 signifiers today
 they asked

 or sea brine booster pack
 a cloister
 of weirdly deformed melodies

 grace kelly
 bikini frankenstein
 up the beanpole
 to the moon

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