Friday, April 21, 2017

infection or infusion

 to a child or a chicken
 these striped gaulish pants
 were worn by irish pirates
 for the hiding of the hoof slave
 gust- bare no grammar
 is it odes to a go forth primate
 you nears

 or earle of le ear
 i sense a perfect fog of gnawing beauties
 for when friedrich was not a child slave
 he was also never a late classic
 penny turtle herb
 how did anyone escape then
 from not having to escape

 singing lepers
 to gather at their dappled well
 where the spirit of the whistle and hyle
 led no cavalcade
 but was instead
 a squirrelsnake
 appearing in a halo of clover
 and purple frost

 primate philosophers are tender
 whole worlds
 are foam clues
 but their muffled game
 is some remote bridge
 barely inhabited
 by the feral remains
 of some odd
 indecent innocence
 a sound

 like a hook through
 string sucked muck

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