Friday, April 21, 2017

In the dream

 I am riding in the back of a large vehicle like a unimog pickup truck with six wheels, each one taller than me. We are passing through a strange neighborhood of 'victorian jewelbox houses' and each is white multistoried and seemingly dusty with paint oxidation. Many of the fronts of the houses have been scooped out and the insides are bright lime green. We stop later at a strip mall where there is some kind of indoors local 'funworld' like for children. The place looks like it was once a skating rink. I wander around until i notice a crowd gathering around one particular attraction. Much like a 3d printer only much larger. The machine is making ornate humanoid beings. Starting with an armature which is robotically fitted with muscles veins nerves and tendons, the skeleton is then moved to another area where small pink humanoid flesh pods are awaiting. 5 pink flesh pod bodies are laid out in a mold looking like a larger body.. a whole small body for each arm, and leg and a larger body for the torso.. the skeleton is then submerged into the mold.. finally the creatures emerge and lead each person down a beautiful spiral wooden walkway chute down into the garden area where they take each person to a communion grotto... the creatures are able distort their bodies in amazing ways, and the communications it seem consist of them becoming abstract armatures around the bodies of their partner. Some people resist and appear to be suffering, others seem to be learning elaborate skills and some of these people have had their faces opened up and covered in pink masks. Their body fluids seem to be leaving and returning via synthetic arteries...

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