Thursday, April 13, 2017


 (a figure of totemic avoidance common to all)

 if the Mukama is sick
 it is to be kept strictly secret
 but no one questions
 the existence of the Mukama
 as itself a sickness

 the red hot iron ball
 was lodged in its throat
 so that it could not speak

 in the very center
 of a forgotten continent
 this horned smoothly segmented
 magnetic statue is hovering
 you can see the hundreds
 of men and women (or animal words)
 carefully clinging to its red round lips
 or fat overshooting hillfort pīvari-fat
 ONTONIA place-trousers
 with flagstone plagena claws

 in the center of the Mukama's chest
 is a pausing space
 a place where the cranes dance
 tasting of tar or guitar
 with wise tea fog
 what else is the pure elementality of being
 but an hallucination
 within the distributed mind
 of space

 the muck of amor
 cum loud john beatty bunyoro
 and beat the fog carpets
 the frog carpets
 with your stiff wicker knot wand

 the wall's falling doughnuts
 picture triplets
 this comedia was built
 to be read

 rose-red lapis hare
 square purpose papyrus

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